It is a privilege and responsibility to be able to capture your special day! Here you’ll find some details on the process.
The process begins by a phone, skype or in person consultation at my studio space in Philadelphia, to discuss what you’re looking for in terms of style, detail and what the setup for the event will be like.

The other things for you to think about is what part of the day you would like me to capture. The first dance for weddings is a nice moment to capture, as it can include many of the guests watching but puts the spotlight on the bride and groom, and also shows the surroundings of the reception. However, I can really do anything you like–if you have a photo you’d like me to paint from (such as from engagement, or photo we take beforehand) that works great as well!

Whatever moment you choose for me to capture, I would need a 5 foot by 7 foot space to set up my easel and small table in order to see it with a good view (although I strive to work quietly and out of the way) and access to an outlet to plug in my lamp (as receptions can be dim sometimes, and I want to be able to make sure your painting really looks great!)

By the end of the evening, the painting is displayed for all to see so that guests can admire it. Throughout the process, I am friendly and engaging to guests and strive to create a pleasant, quiet entertainment as I continue working on the painting.

Painting packages start at $1,800.
Call the artist Jessica Libor at 610-389-0083 or email for specific questions about your event, or to move forward!

Vakos wedding photo